How to Understand an Aquarius Woman

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How to Understand Aquarius Women

Famous Aquarius Jennifer Anniston
Credit: Angela George

What do Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Jennifer Anniston have in common? They’re both famous Aquarius women who exhibit all of the traits and characteristics of their Zodiac sign.

Both Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Jennifer Anniston experienced success early in life, due to their intellect, luck and hard work combined. However with their celebrity, they have done great things in the world of philanthropy and charity: Princess Stephanie of Monaco heads the Fight Aids Monaco organization and Jennifer Anniston is well-known for supporting a huge list of charities and causes.

Aquarius women are smart and typically have a philanthropic side to them. Most will pursue this calling early in life, which, while unlikely to make them famous like the two examples we have, does give them the opportunity to make a difference.

Aquarius women, like Aquarius men, are confident and tend to have an inflated ego – which they’re smart enough to keep under wraps until you really get to know them. To get on their good side, and have them notice you, listen to what they have to say and let them guide the conversation. After they’re done giving you their elevator pitch, you might see them relax and open up a bit more.

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