How to Understand a Capricorn Man

Orlando Bloom, Denzel Washington, Elvis Presley and … Nostradamus? Believe it or not, all are famous examples of Capricorn men, and represent the characteristics and personalities you can expect to find in Capricorn males.

Capricorn men are excellent leaders due to both circumstance and a willingness to rise and meet a challenge – not out of hunger for power.

Like their goat symbol, Capricorn men can be stubborn, but persistent. They are incredibly thorough and hard-working, but these characteristics tend to pay off for them later in life than other astrological signs. Don’t be surprised if a Capricorn man doesn’t truly settle down until his 40s, 50s, or even 60s.

Orlando Bloom Famous Capricorn Male

Famous Capricorn Orlando Bloom
Credit: Wikipedia

As companions, Capricorn men are loyal and typically “in it for the long haul.” It’s likely they aren’t looking for a casual date, but to find someone they want to marry and start a family with. Why, then, don’t they settle down until later in life? It boils down to thoroughness – Capricorn men are constantly evaluating and reevaluating their situation. Dating a Capricorn man could be described as one long marriage evaluation, so be careful and know what you’re in for!

Are you a Capricorn man? Do you know one? Share your experiences below!

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