How to Understand a Virgo Woman

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What do Salma Hayek, Beyoncé Knowles and Claudia Schiffer all have in common? They’re all famous Virgo women who exemplify the characteristics of their zodiac sign.

Virgo women are intelligent, logical, analytic and seductive. They are strongly opinionated and unafraid to express how they feels about topics – but only ones they’re knowledgeable about.

The ability for a Virgo woman to be a keen observer can give her an air of mysterious and seduction. But you’re more likely to find her at the library, a community meeting, or a bookstore than a loud bar or nightclub. Virgo women appreciate the art of conversation and may be frustrated at places where they have to yell to be heard.

How to Understand a Virgo Woman

Famous Virgo Woman Beyoncé Knowles
Credit: Wikipedia

Don’t mistake the stoic attitude of a Virgo woman as being cold – they are as passionate as any sign of the zodiac, but typically show restraint and prefer to solve life’s problem with logic, rather than emotion.

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