How to Understand a Taurus Woman

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What do Megan Fox, Elizabeth II and Tina Fey have in common? They’re all famous Taurus women who exemplify the characteristics of their zodiac sign.

Taurus women, like their male counterparts, can be bullish, stubborn and head-strong. It’s society’s double-standard that often perceives these characteristics negatively when a woman possesses them.

How to Understand a Taurus Woman

Famous Taurus Woman Megan Fox
Credit: Wikipedia

Pay no mind to the double-standard: Taurus women find lucrative careers in life, although their stubbornness may cause this to take some time. They’re also fighters, willing to fight for what and who they believe in.

Taurus women are loyal and strong partners, who have no problem being the chief breadwinner in the household. Be careful not to insult their pride or ego, though, because though they are slow to anger, they can hold grudges indefinitely.

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