How to Understand an Aries Man

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March 21st – April 19th

What do Hugh Hefner, Russell Crowe and Thomas Jefferson all have in common? They are all famous Aries men. They’ve all found themselves in positions where they naturally lead other people, and have been looked upon for advice, wisdom and guidance.

Thomas Jefferson Aries Characteristics

Thomas Jefferson, a famous Aries.
Credit: Wikipedia

Aries men tend toward leadership roles not because they seek power, but because they are stoic, steadfast and strong-willed. Unlike Aries women, Aries men are more at risk of becoming power-hungry and forgetting about what’s most important in life.

Relationships with Aries men, who are impossible to “contain,” may seem difficult at times. A person who exemplifies the good qualities of an Aries won’t be cruel or selfish, however, they are willing to compromise and also provide a strong shoulder for any of their loved ones to lean on. Their success in the businessworld is also often an incredible gift. Understand that they may feel frustrated when they are unable to lead, or in a powerless situation.

Try to give them room to lead, even if it’s just an illusion. Let them choose the location for your date, or feel as if they’re the ones trying to pick you up (even if it’s the opposite!). Don’t take their stoicism as a sign of being grumpy or unemotional, they tend to lean towards these emotions as a means of dealing with their daily life.

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