How to Understand an Aquarius Man

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How to Understand an Aquarius Man

Famous Aquarius Male Paul Newman
Credit: Wikipedia

Aquarius men are socially intelligent and often have a philanthropic side to them. They can have a huge ego, but are socially adept enough to keep that side of them hidden.

Aquarius men are natural romantics, the only risk being that they may at times fall in love with the sound of their own voice. If you’re interested in dating an Aquarius man, take on interest in his long-winded stories and drop a few words of encouragement here and there. Once he feels that he’s properly impressed you, you may see the more real, emotional side to him.

Because Aquarius men are confident and able to converse well, they often find great career success early in life. Their romantic side will always pull them toward philanthropy, however, like volunteering or tackling large humanitarian problems. Paul Newman is a great example of an Aquarius man: he found huge success early in life acting in movies and television, and later in life through a line of grocery products that donated all profits to charity.

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