How to Understand a Virgo Man

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How to Understand a Virgo Man

Famous Male Virgo Ryan Phillippe
Credit: Wikipedia

What do┬áRyan Phillipe, Keanu Reeves and Ray Charles have in common? They’re all famous Virgo men who exhibit the characteristics and traits of their astrological sign.

Virgo men tend to be stoic, serious and rational. Don’t misinterpret this characteristic as being a cold person – they simply operate very logically.

If you met him at a bar or concert, chances are he’s not a Virgo. Virgos prefer calm settings where they don’t have to yell over a crowd.

Virgo men like everything to be a very particular way, and don’t respond well to disruptions in their surroundings and routine. However, given the amount of focus and dedication Virgo men spend on setting things up nicely, expect their situation to be a good one – think good job, stable income and low drama.

Do you have experience with Virgo men? Are you one yourself? Share your thoughts with us below!

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