How to Understand a Taurus Man

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How to Understand a Taurus Man

Famous Male Taurus Robert Pattinson
Credit: Wikipedia

What do Al Pacino, Robert Pattinson and David Beckham have in common? They’re all famous Taurus men who exemplify the traits and characteristics of their zodiac sign.

Taurus men are bullish like the animal that represents their sign. They are stubborn and strong-willed. They are slow to anger, but when they do get mad – watch out!

A Taurus man will stick up for you day and night, and often has courage beyond his own strength. This may lead to making poor choices, but it can also provide a level of confidence that will help them land  successful and lucrative career.

Taurus men are especially cautious when it comes to relationships. It can be difficult to attract a Taurus, but once you’ve earned his trust, you can count on his loyalty and dependence.

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