How to Understand a Pisces Man

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What do Justin Bieber, Adam Levine and Daniel Craig have in common? They’re all famous Pisces men, who exemplify the traits and characteristics of their astrological zodiac sign.

Pisces men are spiritual, inspiring and creative. As the twelfth sign of the zodiac, they are the most evolved with all matters spiritual. If they finish your sentences, it’s because they can easily make a real, beyond-words connection with people they care about.

Pisces men have a big heart, and feel their best when they’re helping someone in need. They make excellent listeners and can offer sound, insightful advice.

How to Understand a Pisces Man

Famous Pisces Man Justin Bieber
Credit: Georges Biard

Dual-natured, like the two fish that represent them, Pisces men are also often somewhere else in their mind – and can be looking for the next big thing. They avoid direct conflict, and instead use passive aggression to win arguments. Be careful how much ground you give them, and in times of discourse, make sure you force them to open up and engage.

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  1. Solarpowered says:

    My husband is a Pisces and this describes him PERFECTLY! Especially being “somewhere else in his mind” lol

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