How to Understand a Leo Woman

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Famous Gemini Angelina Jolie Credit: Tom Sorensen

Famous Gemini Angelina Jolie
Credit: Tom Sorensen

Leo women are strong-willed leaders, who have no problem speaking their mind and questioning the status quo. Depending on your own astrological sign, these traits and characteristics can either drive you crazy or turn you on.

What do J.K. Rowling and Jennifer Lopez have in common? Both are incredibly successful Leo women who carve their own path in life and never shy away from a challenge.

When courting a Leo woman, it can be best to follow their lead. When Leo women have a specific goal, they possess an intense and powerful focus and ability to achieve it and you can consider yourself lucky to be along for the ride!

Are you a Leo woman? Do you know one? Share your experience with us below!

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