How to Understand a Libra Woman

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What do Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kelly Ripa and Serena Williams all have in common? They’re all famous Libra women who exemplify the traits and characteristics of their zodiac sign.

To understand the personality of a Libra woman, start with the symbol that represents their sign: the balance. Libra women thrive in a setting of peace, harmony and balance.

How to Understand a Libra Woman

Famous Libra Woman Kelly Ripa
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If that’s not in their life – they’ll make it happen. They are excellent friends and partners because they’ll help complement – and draw out – many of your own positive qualities.

Just think of how well Kelly Ripa complements Regis Philbin, and can easily be the co-anchor of any show.

Libra women aren’t overly rational or overly emotional, they can fit into whatever the situation calls for. In an emergency, you’ll see Libra women snap into decisive action. If you’re feeling overly emotional, she will help you think of things more rationally. If you’re not seeing the beauty in life, she’ll help point it out to you.


Posted in Air signs, Libra

September 23 – October 22

How to Understand Libra Characteristics

Libra Characteristics

Libra image from 15th Century Book on Astrology
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The characteristics of a Libra, the seventh sign of the astrological zodiac and an Air Sign, are represented by the scale. They thrive with a lifelong partner who they can balance and complement in every way.

Libra are often incredibly focused on others – occasionally, this can lead to negative consequences. They may neglect their own problems in favor of tackling someone else’s. Because of this, Libra make great listeners, psychologists, and observers.

If these sound like nice characteristics in a partner, it’s because they are! But to truly honor the Libra you know, make sure you remind them to spend some time focusing on themselves, rather than let them worry and try to please you.

When a Libra needs help, they may not come to you and ask for it – they may not even realize it themselves

Be on high alert for when a Libra is in need of help – and be ready to give them a helping hand. Think of it as repaying all the ways they’ve helped you with your problems!

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