How to Understand a Libra Woman

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What do Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kelly Ripa and Serena Williams all have in common? They’re all famous Libra women who exemplify the traits and characteristics of their zodiac sign.

To understand the personality of a Libra woman, start with the symbol that represents their sign: the balance. Libra women thrive in a setting of peace, harmony and balance.

How to Understand a Libra Woman

Famous Libra Woman Kelly Ripa
Credit: Wikipedia

If that’s not in their life – they’ll make it happen. They are excellent friends and partners because they’ll help complement – and draw out – many of your own positive qualities.

Just think of how well Kelly Ripa complements Regis Philbin, and can easily be the co-anchor of any show.

Libra women aren’t overly rational or overly emotional, they can fit into whatever the situation calls for. In an emergency, you’ll see Libra women snap into decisive action. If you’re feeling overly emotional, she will help you think of things more rationally. If you’re not seeing the beauty in life, she’ll help point it out to you.

How to Understand an Aquarius Woman

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How to Understand Aquarius Women

Famous Aquarius Jennifer Anniston
Credit: Angela George

What do Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Jennifer Anniston have in common? They’re both famous Aquarius women who exhibit all of the traits and characteristics of their Zodiac sign.

Both Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Jennifer Anniston experienced success early in life, due to their intellect, luck and hard work combined. However with their celebrity, they have done great things in the world of philanthropy and charity: Princess Stephanie of Monaco heads the Fight Aids Monaco organization and Jennifer Anniston is well-known for supporting a huge list of charities and causes.

Aquarius women are smart and typically have a philanthropic side to them. Most will pursue this calling early in life, which, while unlikely to make them famous like the two examples we have, does give them the opportunity to make a difference.

Aquarius women, like Aquarius men, are confident and tend to have an inflated ego – which they’re smart enough to keep under wraps until you really get to know them. To get on their good side, and have them notice you, listen to what they have to say and let them guide the conversation. After they’re done giving you their elevator pitch, you might see them relax and open up a bit more.

How to Understand an Aquarius Man

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How to Understand an Aquarius Man

Famous Aquarius Male Paul Newman
Credit: Wikipedia

Aquarius men are socially intelligent and often have a philanthropic side to them. They can have a huge ego, but are socially adept enough to keep that side of them hidden.

Aquarius men are natural romantics, the only risk being that they may at times fall in love with the sound of their own voice. If you’re interested in dating an Aquarius man, take on interest in his long-winded stories and drop a few words of encouragement here and there. Once he feels that he’s properly impressed you, you may see the more real, emotional side to him.

Because Aquarius men are confident and able to converse well, they often find great career success early in life. Their romantic side will always pull them toward philanthropy, however, like volunteering or tackling large humanitarian problems. Paul Newman is a great example of an Aquarius man: he found huge success early in life acting in movies and television, and later in life through a line of grocery products that donated all profits to charity.

How to Understand a Gemini Woman

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“Gemini women are crazy!” Does this phrase sound familiar to you? If you take the time to learn more about the characteristics and personality traits of Gemini women, you may change your mind.

What do Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman and Heidi Klum all have in common? They’re all famous Gemini women, and are great representations of the traits and characteristics of the Zodiac sign.

You’re not mistaken if you think you’re seeing a “split personality” begin to surface – Gemini women, born under the sign of the Twins, have very different sides to them. On the one they may seem carefree, silly, immature and quick to laugh, and yet another minute very serious and stoic.

Don’t focus too much on what a Gemini woman is infatuated in at the moment – she is complex and has a great intellectual curiosity, and so what she favors may vary from moment to moment.

Famous Gemini Angelina Jolie Credit: Wikipedia

Famous Gemini Angelina Jolie
Credit: Wikipedia

Relationships can be difficult because she’ll often want something in a partner, and then want something completely paradoxical – at the same time. She may be looking for someone who is settled down, then be turned off by the fact that you aren’t free enough! Take these swings in stride, knowing that if you put the work in and prove yourself, Gemini women make great partners, and can fill your life with happiness, laughter, warmth and love.

How to Understand a Gemini Man

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Famous Gemini Mark Wahlberg Credit: Wikipedia

Famous Gemini Mark Wahlberg
Credit: Wikipedia

What do Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell all have in common? They’re all famous Gemini males, and are great examples of the traits and characteristics of a Gemini man (although given their celebrity status, they are by no means average!).

The personality traits of a Gemini man that you may notice immediately is their immense capacity for intellectual curiosity and learning. They’re always eager to learn and do something new – although this at times can lead to being a “jack of all trades, master of none.” More often than not, however, this characteristic leads to great success in their business and financial life.

Gemini men are willing to not take themselves seriously all the time, and laugh at themselves. They are playful and creative, which permeates every facet of their love life and careers. You may find they’re willing to bend or break rules if it means living their life the way they want to – which can be either liberating, or frustrating, depending on your personality type and astrological sign.

Do you have experience with Gemini men? Are you one? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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January 20 – February 18

How to Understand Aquarius Characteristics

Aquarius Characteristics

Aquarius image from 15th Century Book on Astrology
Credit: Wikipedia

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign of the Zodiac, and is an Air Sign. Aquarius are natural romantics, who have a strong moral consciousness that guides them in their day-to-day choices.

Don’t be surprised if the Aquarius you know wants to join the Peace Corp or volunteer at the local food pantry. Aquarius can walk through life with the weight of the world on their shoulders, and they are often looking to make a difference.

For some Aquarius, this charitable characteristic is latent and shows after they’ve found success in the business world. Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s famous Mayor, first found immense success in the business world and now devotes his time to public office and philanthropy. Paul Newman, another famous Aquarius, similarly found success early in life and then focused much of his efforts on philanthropy.

In the earliest tapestries depicting Aquarius, they were symbolized by a boy carrying water from an urn. In ancient civilization, water often meant life. And Aquarius thrive in situations where they can do good deeds and often make personal sacrifices for the cause of the greater good.


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September 23 – October 22

How to Understand Libra Characteristics

Libra Characteristics

Libra image from 15th Century Book on Astrology
Credit: Wikipedia

The characteristics of a Libra, the seventh sign of the astrological zodiac and an Air Sign, are represented by the scale. They thrive with a lifelong partner who they can balance and complement in every way.

Libra are often incredibly focused on others – occasionally, this can lead to negative consequences. They may neglect their own problems in favor of tackling someone else’s. Because of this, Libra make great listeners, psychologists, and observers.

If these sound like nice characteristics in a partner, it’s because they are! But to truly honor the Libra you know, make sure you remind them to spend some time focusing on themselves, rather than let them worry and try to please you.

When a Libra needs help, they may not come to you and ask for it – they may not even realize it themselves

Be on high alert for when a Libra is in need of help – and be ready to give them a helping hand. Think of it as repaying all the ways they’ve helped you with your problems!


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May 21st – June 20th

How to Understand Gemini Characteristics

Gemini are the third astrological sign of the Zodiac and an are air sign. Youthful, inquisitive, fun-loving and communicative. If you or a loved one is a Gemini, you might recognize some of these traits immediately. The third astrological sign in the Zodiac, and an Air sign, Gemini have traits that may attract or annoy other zodiac signs. Understanding these characteristics will help you get to know the person much better.

Those born under the Gemini sign – the Twins – are dual-natured, and if you know this in advance you may recognize it immediately. They are fun-loving, social people, who are great to bring to a party and comfortable with almost any social scenario.

Gemini Characteristics

Gemini image from 15th Century Book on Astrology
Credit: Wikipedia

Gemini are usually very creative, as well, and open-minded. They make very fun-loving partners who will have you laughing for the rest of your life. Some Geminis may prioritize their own amusement over other people’s feelings – which is risky behavior when it goes on for a long time.

Geminis can be the life of the party. They are outgoing, gregarious, and don’t like to be alone. They have super high energy levels, and this causes them to pursue constant physical and mental activity. Before you feel overwhelmed by the high energy of Gemini, try and understand that this energy is actually one of their best traits.

The extroverted nature of Geminis makes them great communicators and conversationalists. They enjoy the act of communicating and are great listeners, mediators, and even entertainers. Think Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman. All possess the unique ability to enter any room and steal the spotlight, and all three were born under the sign of the twins.

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